About Treatment Facility Schools

Colorado's treatment facility schools serve some of the most traumatized kids in our community. These are children who face physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, severe mental illness, and most struggle with poverty and food insecurity. Their lives are not easy. If we, as their community can support them, alter their trajectory even the slightest amount, we want to help. They are only in our care until the day they turn 18 when they are sent into the world and school services end.

PROJECT OUR TOWN has organized school supply drives for facility school children for the last three years. Something that seems so insignificant for most of us, is a big problem for the schools and the kids. Students typically get hand-me-downs or go without basic school supplies. Having their own makes a real difference in their confidence and willingness to learn. With something as simple as school supplies, we can make their lives and their education a little easier. The impact can be tremendous.


When kids do well, the whole community benefits!

Help us provide school supplies for these children by donating now. Because of COVID, this year we are unable to collect items, only purchase and distribute.

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PROJECT OUR TOWN is a 501(c)(3) US tax exempt organization founded in 2019 and based in Denver, CO.

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