Cindy Abramson
Co-Founder & Vice President

Favorite Quote:

 “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid.” 

Albert Einstein


...If it were my quote, instead of Albert Einstein's, I would add: “And the world would miss out on all the unique gifts the fish has to offer."



I love the people that make up PROJECT OUR TOWN; the leadership, the participants, and the people who work at the agencies we serve. I have met so many new people that I probably would never have had an opportunity to know. I have been inspired by them, learned from them, worked alongside them, and feel my life has been enriched in new and unique ways.  


The other thing I love about PROJECT OUR TOWN is its commitment to helping organizations and people who don’t get as much support, have as many resources, are less well-known, or who fall through the cracks because the cause is less than sexy to say the least. 

About Me:

Being a Co-Founder of PROJECT OUR TOWN has definitively been the highlight of my professional life. It has also had a significant impact on me personally. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard or learned so much (other than parenting), and the culmination has been life-changing and continues to leave me wanting more.


Most of my professional career has been in communications and marketing. I have also co-written and published two books (one is a national book award winner). Like PROJECT OUR TOWN, both books were labors of love. I am fiercely passionate about education, treatment, and support for people who live with mental illness and those who love them.


I have two truly extraordinary adult children and my almost perfect husband Rob and I have seven grandchildren between us! It is a gaggle of 4th and 5th generation Denver natives. If you are from Denver, odds are you are related to one of us!


Fun Fact: 

I have had five last names and two middle names... It takes a white board and at least two days relaxing somewhere beautiful (with wait staff) to tell the whole complicated story.

LeAnn Hait

 LeAnn’s passion has always been philanthropy, especially providing kids an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference. She served as a Family Support Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity for nine years, helping families work to earn new homes and change their lives. She also served as the VP of Fundraising for Boy Scouts. She enjoyed co-chairing the Philanthropy Club at Belleview Elementary School and organizing fundraisers for Katrina Hurricane relief, as well as a book drive for an orphanage in Africa. She is also a member of National Charity League, a mother-daughter volunteering organization, and has served in various leadership positions over the last nine years.  


LeAnn was a member of the PROJECT OUR TOWN Leadership Council and is honored to continue to be a part of PROJECT OUR TOWN.  

Kristie Russell
Board Member
Janet Johnstone
Amy Becker
Co-Founder & Treasurer Elect

I grew up in Denver and from my early years as a teenager I was always involved in community activities. After college, I was appointed the Regional Director of Rocky Mountain Region B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, supervising programming for over 400 teens in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. 

I was hired as the Director of Programming for Temple Sinai in 1994 and for the next 23 years I served not only in this role, but also as the Preschool Director, Assistant Executive Director and, finally, the Executive Director. Most recently, I co-founded and act as Co-Director of a brand new non profit organization, JTown, and with its mission of expanding community and social justice, PROJECT OUR TOWN is a perfect fit!


I am dedicated to serving my community and have dreamed of doing a project like PROJECT OUR TOWN for many years. I have planned and led similar, but smaller, programs for other organizations, and look forward to continuing to make this an extraordinary experience for volunteers as well as recipient organizations. 

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive husband of 17 years, Jeff, who always volunteers by my side. We have twin teenagers, Corey and Chelsea, who also are committed to social action activities and youth programming in the community.

Abby Goldsmith
Vice President

Favorite Quote

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover the reason why. 

-Mark Twain


I love Project Our Town because:

Project Our Town has something for everyone! I didn’t grow up in a family that did volunteer work so the task of finding something to connect to always felt overwhelming. At Project Our Town it doesn’t matter how much time or experience you have... you are always welcome!

A little about me:

I am a proud Colorado native who wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. I began working at my family’s business, Bullock Mortuary, a few years after graduating. I consider this profession the greatest gift I could have. Each family I sat with to make final arrangements with taught me so much about life and compassion. It was an honor to help them and be a small part of that sacred space. Besides contributing in my family’s business I’ve also worked as an environmental educator, a project manager for a non-profit, a preschool teacher and a graphic designer.


I’m fortunate that I married my incredible husband, R.D. Sewald (also a Colorado native), 25 years ago. We have three fantastic sons; Ethan (22), Mason (20) and Truman (16). I also have 3 naughty, but loving, dogs and one 20 year old geriatric cat.

Fun Fact

I grew up with a squirrel that my animal loving mom rescued as a baby.

Mark White

Mark White broke into international non-profit accounting in 1999 working for Habitat for Humanity International and supported over 25 country programs across four continents in 10 years. 


Leaving Habitat in 2009, he joined the American Refugee Committee and spearheaded the design and global implementation of a new accounting and grant management software system in less than 12 months.  


He now serves as ARC’s Chief Financial Officer overseeing the financial side of new country startups, emergency responses and mergers & acquisitions. Highlights of his 20 year INGO career include responding to the Asia Tsunami, the Ebola outbreak, the Syrian crisis and witnessing two coups in Fiji and Thailand.  

In his spare time, you are most likely to find Mark training, running marathons, or playing soccer.

Favorite Quote

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”  Dalai Lama


Why I love Project Our Town 

I have always felt the need to give to others through acts of kindness and service. Bringing joy to others is infinitely gratifying to me. Win-win. 


A Little About Me

I am a technical writer, proofreader and editor by trade. I have written procedure and policy manuals in IT departments for varied industries, including banking, transportation and telecommunications. I also have an elementary school teaching credential, and have either volunteered in or worked for schools for decades. I began volunteering in high school at the local Head Start program. I have also volunteered at libraries, women’s shelters, religious institutions and food pantries.


I get a lot of joy from nurturing through cooking and gardening.  I love animals and spending time with my family and friends.

I have a wonderful husband have two daughters. 

Fun Fact

I love puns and punning!  My high school honors teacher said punning shows high intellect and an excellent command of language.  Justification!

5910 S. University Blvd, C-18 #121, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80121   




PROJECT OUR TOWN is a 501(c)(3) US tax exempt organization founded in 2019 and based in Denver, CO.

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